I concede, I am a little late to the game. The Wii U having been released some one and a half months ago, this is a post you would have typically expected to see in the month of November. Nonetheless, I’m officially on the Wii U train, and have recently made the preparations//adjustments that allow Wii U adopters to move all of their data from their old Wiis, to their shiny, new Us. While I had expected the process to be very cut and dry, I was happily surprised by the troubadour of Pikmin that took me through the many lovable years between my Wii and I.

It seems dramatic, but the whole process was, well, just that. The Pikmin packing up their suitcases, preparing for launch…reaching a new home, and getting comfortable on that new launchpad. The transfer was seamless, and the Pikmin picked up on my new U right where they left off on the ol’ Wii. It’s sad though, really, as you see all of the save data, Miis, and software being packed up for an SD card rocket-ship adventure. The transfer leaves your old Wii a tired shell of an old system, a feeling I was not entirely comfortable with. Strange how wii personify the objects we own.



The above video is, unfortunately, not a video of my own system transfer.