Following up on CoroCoro‘s reveal of several salient details about the next generation of Pokémon games, Nintendo has taken it a step farther by revealing localization details of their own. Hit the jump for 8-bit’s bevy of Pokémon reveals.

The Pokémon formerly known as Kofukimushi will now be known as Scatterbug, and it will evolve into Spewpa, and later on into Vivillon. The Fire/Normal Lion Pokémon previously known as Shishiko will now be known as Litleo. I fully expect him to evolve into an awesome looking lion Pokémon with a flaming mane. It knows the attack Noble Roar which lowers the opponents Attack stat. Furabebe, one of the first “new” Pokémon to be revealed as a Fairy type, has had its name changed to Flabébé, and its localized attack named Fairy Wind.

However, Pokémon name translations were not all that was revealed. The starting city of the game will be called Vaniville town. Also, unlike previous games in the franchise, there are 4 other trainers who are embarking on their journey at the same time as you. Shauna is an energetic girl on her journey to find a dream. Tierno is the next trainer, a kindhearted fellow who is light on his feet, and wants to create a Pokémon dance team. He watches battles carefully to try and figure out how to translate attack into dance moves.


Following Tierno is Trevor, an excellent student who is very competitive and wants to be the first to complete his Pokédex. And lastly are Serena and Calem, who will alternate depending on whether you play through the adventure as a boy, or a girl. This trainer is your next door neighbor, and wants to become a powerful Pokémon trainer. Adding to last week’s Pokémon update is more information about the very first gym leader. Viola is the Bug type Gym Leader of Santalune City, and is also an accomplished photographer. You will first learn about her through her older sister, Alexa, who is a journalist.

Expect more news to come!


Source: Nintendo, Serebii