When it comes to Super Nintendo collectibles, Earthbound is tops. Cartridge-only copies sell for well over a hundred dollars, while complete copies have sold for over $4,000. Bewilderingly, eBay seller mrmark0673 has trumped all that, surfacing on eBay with an original prototype of the game. An original ROM cartridge for Earthbound, the 1995 cult classic. His price? $15,000.

To certify this game’s street value, the seller even sent it out for authentication by the Video Game Authority (VGA). “As mentioned, this game has been inspected and authenticated by the Video Game Grading Authority and is the real deal,” he writes on the game’s listing. “Not only is it encased to protect and authenticate, it also comes with a signed letter of authenticity.” In addition to being a bonafide treasure, mrmark0673′s Earthbound cartridge was given an “NG” for “No Grade.” This particular copy is so unique, that the VGA had no comparative value for which to base its grade on.

The prototype went on sale July 1st, and was sold this evening for an undisclosed amount. While the game is listed for fifteen thousand, the seller was also accepting the best offer. We will update this article when a price is disclosed, and welcome any community suggestion. So what’s your take — too high a price, or an invaluable collectible?


Via: Kotaku

Source: eBay