Off-beat games enthusiasts Rose Colored Gaming have recently released an all-new Earthbound 0 NES cartridge, complete with collectible plastic case “to protect your investment.” Rose Colored Gaming has reproduced the cart using the game’s English ROM file, but the game still packs all of the Japanese version’s original punch and RPG vigor. The actual cartridge features an embedded Earthbound medallion, custom paint job, “color-matched rear warning label with UV resistant coating,” and a retro-inspired minimalist cover art.

While no price is currently listed, Earthbound 0 is totally out of stock. Rose Colored Gaming expresses intent to make more of these custom beauties available as soon as possible, and plans on producing the cartridges in due quantity for as long as they can. We’ll do our best to update this post when they’re available, but we absolutely have to get our hands on this first.


Unless you’ve already skipped ahead, Rose Colored Gaming has gotten back to us with a price — Earthbound Zero will go for $150 when it’s back in stock. Thanks, A-Dizzle!


Via: Joystiq

Source: Rose Colored Gaming