After many years of being an avid netizen, I have come across fanart that is truly out of this world, stuff that consistently blows my mind. So, with the idea of creating some art of my own, I set off with my Dad’s help — I wanted to bring several video game characters to life by my own hands. These are the culmination of our work from several years ago.


Armos Figure

The very first one we made was of Armos, from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. We used the in-game figure viewing gallery to be able to get a 360 degree view so that we could make all the parts. Unfortunately, the spikes don’t stay on particularly well, but I have to say this is probably my favorite of all of my sculptures.

Shy Guy

Shy Guy Figure

The second one we made was Shy Guy of Super Mario Bros. fame. Of all of my creations, this one is easily the sturdiest one. It doesn’t have a whole lot of parts that can break off, since it’s generally all in one piece.


Mii Figure

Probably the most personal of all of my creations, is my very own Mii! While editing the Mii’s in the Mii channel, you have the options to zoom up on the face, and rotate the Mii around, which was crucial to creation of this sculpture.


Pikmin Figures

These two Pikmin were built in tandem, with my father working more on one, while I worked more on the other. Since Chapstick is an actual treasure in game, it made sense to have it in the picture. Unfortunately we never got around to making the Yellow Pikmin or Captain Olimar like I had originally wanted.


Mudkip Figure

SO I HERD U LIEK MUDKIPZ?! Indeed, I do. Mudkip is actually my favorite of the little creatures from the Pokémon franchise. So, it should come as little surprise that I would want to bring it to life. Mudkip also holds the special designation of being the only quadrupedal sculpture we made.

There was one more sculpture that we made, but for some reason never got put online, as well as others that never quite made it to completion. We haven’t made a sculpture in several years, but personally, I am up for restarting the trend!

blue line

If you want to check out more pictures of our creations, plus one completely different one, that I didn’t post on here, check out the source link!


Source: Cyclone’s Creations