Welcome to the Console War of the Late 20th/Early 21st Century! Artist Jacob Ferguson will never forget The Wars and makes this poster to remind others of their multiple and ongoing battles. Ferguson states, “This is an homage to those that existed, rose and fell in the perpetual battle of those little pieces of hardware that created some of my favorite bleep-bloops.” We salute you, past consoles. 

The color coding really helps you remember each generation, and the pain that came with each decision. The War Assets stand out as the tools which carried out years of hardcore gaming. Those who remember the beginning probably remember the “hardship” of having a damn good time on these consoles, and wearing down the War Assets’ joysticks. Although it was and still is a war, you can bet it was probably the most fun a war could ever be. Hit the jump for the full spread.

Console WarsClick for Larger Image

Via: Attract Mode