As far as Nintendo franchises go, Chibi-Robo is definitely unappreciated, almost criminally so. The charm of the series is impossible to put into words without it coming off as just plain strange, which undoubtedly put off a lot of people from trying the series in the first place. As someone who has played both Chibi-Robo games that were released in the US (and got angry that the third one wasn’t released here), I was very excited when the next game in the franchise was unveiled.

The game is titled Jissha de Chibi-Robo (or, Chibi-Robo Photography)and was recently released on the 3DS eShop in Japan. The game follows a Chibi-Robo who meets a museum curator who wants to fill his museum with interesting items. He will give you a silhouette of an item he is looking for, then have you use the 3DS camera to find an item that matches the silhouette. As long as it’s a 60% match, the Chibi-Robo will pick up the item, and bring it into the game, thus allowing you to earn Happy Points.

However, the AR bits of the game are not the main feature, which is instead the exploration and platforming elements that made the first two games so much fun to play. Also, it wouldn’t be a Chibi-Robo game without a quirky cast of characters, which include Tonpy (a smart phone) and talking condiment jars, among other delightfully strange characters.

Since the game is a eShop exclusive, an eventual North American release wouldn’t be out of the question. But judging how the series has gone dormant in the US, a future release is anyone’s guess.


Source: Nintendo World Report