Aspiring game designer AJ Greene has turned to Kickstarter in order to raise money for an idea that  allows  gamers to interact with their music in a whole new way. Blending your choice of music and hectic space shooting, he created Audio Venture.

Audio Venture allows gamers to plug in their music, which will be used to create the level in which they will navigate with a space ship. The game offers several playable modes:

  • The goal of Starpocalypse is to collect as many gold stars as you can while avoiding red stars. Collecting white stars can give you additional powers to aid in your collection of stars.
  • Matching Mode is closely related to Starpocalypse, but with an added layer of strategy. The goal is to chain a certain color of stars to get a maximum amount of points.
  • The final mode is called Invaders and plays similarly to the classic arcade jam Space Invaders. Enemies will be randomly generated and will attempt to destroy your ship. This mode also includes bosses to further add to the difficulty.

Audio Venture 2

Starter Ship

You will receive experience points the more you play the game, which will let you unlock special abilities and  increase your powers, helping you last longer in-game.

Audio Venture is being primarily designed for the PC/MAC, but if it does well enough, it will be ported to mobile devices. Backer rewards include exclusive ships, having your name in the credits, multiple digital copies, and getting to design your own power-ups, among others.

Currently Audio Venture has raised $706 towards its $2,000 goal, with 23 days remaining. If you want to interact with your music in a whole new way, check AJ Greene’s Kickstarter and toss in some money.


Source: Kickstarter