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8-bit Interviews: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes



8-bit Interviews is a special series where we interview those making news in the gaming community. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a bomb-disarming instant-classic from a small indie team from Ottawa. A game designed in a 48 hour competition became a YouTube hit in a matter of days.

“[T]he definitive party game for virtual reality.”  - Allen Pestaluky, Co-Creator of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

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News and 24 hr Suicide Prevention Live Stream

Hey guys, I bet you’ve realized the lack of completion on the GenCon article. That’s because we’ve been preparing for a live stream dedicated to my brother’s best friend, Erik. We recently lost him to depression. Erik went by the name Shadow Moses and later Mimsy when playing online. We’ll be playing some of Erik’s favorite games for 24 hours. So come and join us and support a great cause!

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review


The young Hero of Time is just about to cross the dimly lit draw bridge to Hyrule Castle, but a horn bellows and the bridge goes up–leaving Link to fend off the creatures of the night until morning and the castle opens once again; the young hero enters the Temple of Time, weary from the battles from the prior three dungeons, and pulls the Master Sword from the pedestal, sealing him away for seven years before he can wield the sword and fulfill his destiny. 

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Cool Sh!t at GenCon: Exhibitors 2014


 Come on and check out the Cool Sh!t from the exhibitor hall during GenCon 2014!

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8-bit Interviews: Boss Monster


8-bit Interviews is a special series where we interview those making news in the gaming community. Boss Monster is a unique side-scrolling, pixel-arted, table-top game from Brotherwise Games. Originally a game made in haste through brotherly competition, Boss Monster’s creators Chris and Johnny O’Neal modified daily to create a game that reached crowd funding goals in just one day.

“It was this runaway success that neither of us expected. We were concocting Stretch Goals on the fly  on almost a daily basis. We realized, ‘Oh wow, this, Brotherwise Games, is gonna be more than a game. It will actually be a game company.’” – Johnny O’Neal, creator of Boss Monster and Co-Owner of Brotherwise Games

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Cool Sh!t at GenCon: Cosplayers 2014


While attending GenCon, 8-bit foundation encountered many spectacular cosplayers. Although we are amazed and impressed by all of the costumes that we saw during our time at GenCon, here we are featuring our favorites from (mostly) video game worlds.

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Cool Sh!t: Genuine Video Game Stand-Up Comedy

Take a good three minutes to watch this clip of Irish stand-up comedian Dara Ó Briain:

Aside from just being funny, Ó Briain actually manages to relate to video games that aren’t Mario. This is astoundingly refreshing.

More so, it actually sounds like he’s played the game. Any fan of Metal Gear Solid - or better yet, anyone who’s played the tutorial-deficient first ten minutes - will know exactly what he’s talking about. In fact, most of Ó Briain’s story is literally what I did when I first started playing it.

Seriously, that inventory system was disorienting as all hell.

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Sky talks about Depression

Famous YouTuber and Gamer Greg “Sky” Williams gives a moving speech about depression. This video discusses Sky’s experience with depression and spreads the word on actively helping others.

Sky commented on the video saying: “I just wanna amend something that may or may not be a problem. I don’t mean to leave the statement ‘seek help’ as just me writing you off to a hotline. Sometimes those statements can be empty to those who DONT have the people. If you have the time and the means, please the physical closeness is sometimes the difference between a life changing decision.  1700 emails later and I’m almost in tears myself from how many people really took from this video. Thank you all so much for your kind words. =]”

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We Want You!


To write for 8-bit foundation! We’re in need of some passionate gamers like yourself to create some sick content for our site! If you’ve ever wanted to get your voice out there, now is the time. Especially with 8bitfoundation.com growing as it is. We’re in need of writers and editors. Don’t be shy, Petey doesn’t bite. Send us a private message on Facebook if you’re interested!

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GenCon 2014: Ocarina Giveaway


Last year at GenCon we spotted some pretty sweet stuff from STL Ocarinas. This year we thought we’d give one away. A real ocarina? That’s right we’re giving away an ocarina, absolutely free, all you have to do is enter. You can even enter twice! Oh and did we mention that YOU get to choose the ocarina? Continue for full details.

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GenCon 2014


Welcome to GenCon 2014! Last year sure was fun, but this year we’ve got even bigger plans! We’re not only doing interviews and coverage like we did last year, but we’re also doing a sweet giveaway! So come on and check out what the Indianapolis convention full of games has to offer this year! More events and more people than ever before.

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The Mod Garage: Star Wars Conquest


Welcome to The Mod Garage, where we look at some of the best mods for games and give you an easy portal to downloading them!

Mod of: Mount & Blade (Original)

Primary Download Site: http://www.moddb.com/mods/swconquest

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Shovel Knight Review


Shovel Knight has 8-bit nostalgia pegged. From the dive-bomb shovel attack, to the overworld map, to the village rest stops, almost every aspect is shamelessly pulled from a Nintendo game from the 80s. With modern gaming touches, it all adds up to a fresh and engaging experience fans of 2D action platformers shouldn’t miss.

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Cool Sh!t: Is Danica Back?

Remember that girl from awhile back who made some pretty awesome video game songs? Well she’s got a new video after a whole year of absence. We hope she’s back for good, her songs are awesome!

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Bang, Buck, Bleszinski Pt. 1


I am now at a point in my life where I can start saying “I never thought I’d see the day.” The oddest part is how many of the things I’m referring to contradict each other. Paid DLC has now become an accepted norm, but Steam’s Workshop feature now streamlines free PC mods. The handheld market is finding new ways to interact with a new demographic raised on their parents’ smart phones and tablets. Virtual reality and the new console hardware of the 8th Generation are breaking new ground in hardware.

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Weekend Recommends Ep. 3


For the majority, the weekend is the beginning of the “true week.” When we can stop working and start playing. For a gamer this means sitting down and playing through your old favorites, conquering some new challenges, or just sitting back and playing a good, relaxing game. Whatever you’re in the mood for, I’ll be here to give you three good suggestions “true week” after “true week.” 

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Awesome Art and a Blog 4: Big Plans


It’s not Sunday, but that’s okay! Well I’ve made a bit of progress since my last blog, and I’m pretty proud this time around. I have a day job, act at night and go to class when I’m not at those. Not a complaint, I’m happy I can do so much and still keep organizing 8-bit and my life. I’m really excited for the upcoming weeks. GenCon is going to be a big event for 8-bit. We’re planing on doing much more than we did last year. We are putting together a raffle and some pretty cool stuff over the next few weeks. So look out for that! During the next two days I’m getting my schedule together in terms of daily productivity and long-term goals. Like the good Mario once said “Let’s-a go!”

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Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails Review


Controls often make or break a game. For Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails, the controls do both, offering a a frenetic arcade platform-rail-shooter hybrid for those who have patience. It’s the controls that are both the draw and challenge of the game, which will have some loving the difficulty it doles out in its demanding but inarticulate control scheme. Others, like myself, will walk away frustrated with the game’s obtuse gravity physics that can derail your speed runs despite numerous times practicing. Story? Forget about it. You’re here to shoot evil mice and rats due to a lab experiment gone wrong in space.

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